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From one teacher asks:

Do you know of any HS ASL programs that have interpreting labs/stations?

Her CTE director wants to purchase her a lab and wants her to set up some appointments for them to come visit some HS who are using them.

Please share in this blog.

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  1. In my district–Kent we have been using video labs since 2006. Each high school started out with four stations that contained a video camera, monitor, VCR and DVD player, DVD Burner and laptop. At my highschool I currently have seven working labs. I do not use them daily but they are very valuable.

    • Kathy and Tami, thank you for your comments here! If you have more to share, please do share your comments here, as many others would love to know. And what’s more, I am being asked to have our Summer Institute 2013 to focus on ASL technology in classrooms, so I am trying to gather which areas to focus on and to find presenters to present.

  2. A lab is actually pretty easy to set up those days. All you need is a good computer with a webcam, really. VHS is useful only if you have old VHS tapes around (and if you do, you should really transfer them to DVD – most students don’t have any VHS access now). There is a lot of free software you can use – to edit videos and stuff, such as iMovie for Mac and windows movie maker with a PC. there are tons of free hosting services for videos such as youtube, vimeo, etc. I do recommend you include a DVD burner, although I would encourage you and your students to use USB drives and to take advantage of free hosting services online – it takes the burden off your school to provide server space to store videos.

    I would recommend that you focus on this – in those financially strapped times, to see what kind of free software is out there and how you can use it. It’s also important to teach students how to use this equipment – i teach college, and students need to know this stuff, not just for ASL but for pretty much everything now.

    • Thanks Kathy I really appreciate it! Would you mind if we came to visit your program and took a look at your labs? We also plan on stopping by the Puyallup program,so if we could visit both when we make the trek up there it would be great!

  3. Hello
    I’m sure you did get your lab questions worked out.
    I too have been using a lab since VHS days…way back until present.
    As Katy said it doesn’t take much especially these days with todays technology making it so easy!
    With a little district support you can do it!

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